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The tragedy of at least two Islamic State killers

I thought my heart would never go to Islamic State murderers, but this video of two of them speaking to their Kurdish captors brought out the father in me. Two intelligent and even beautiful young Syrians who could have been … Continue reading

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Iraq’s ambassador Nerweyi on the BBC’s Today Programme

The ambassador of Iraq on the BBC Today Programme Friday 8 August 2014, London. Those of us who supported the Anglo-American toppling of Saddam Hussein in 2003 ought to express our gratitude to the Ambassador of Iraq for the courageous … Continue reading

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Events, my dear boy, events! Libya, Syria, what next

Late last week on BBC Radio Wales, my old un-met friend Peter Johnson asked whether Syria’s unspeakable hereditary president should worry over Nato’s aerial success in helping to bring down the equally unspeakable Kings of Kings of Africa.  I replied: “Ah,  events, my … Continue reading

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